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Installation Missed Appointments

14 minutes ago

I ordered full bundle back in May - I understood there would be a delay in installation due to Pandemic.

I accepted installation date of 9.6.2020.

Pre installation work  was completed back in May - they turned up unannounced.

So I have a box installed on my wall from May.

On 9.6 No -one turns up. No communication from Virgin.  Spent 2 hours on the phone to various departments and managed to get a new installation date on 11.6.  I insisted on a timed slot and they eventually agreed to 11.30 AM.  The reason for the delay was given that civil works were being completed.  I told them that the box was on the wall and that my neighbor already had Virgin up and running.

On 11.6 None arrived - no communication.  Spent great deal of time trying to talk to someone who made sense.  I was told it was delayed because of a field audit.  I threatened cancellation.

On 12.6 I spoke to pre-install Customer Rep.  She was quite helpful and arranged for Installation on 13.6.

This afternoon I received a call stating that my installation date was now 25.6.  I stated that this was unacceptable.  I asked to speak to her manager - not available - I said I would wait until available.  She told me she worked at home and there was no one I could speak to.  I asked her to get a manager to speak with me.   I asked her to tell the engineer that if installation was possible to go ahead.

I tried to lodge a complaint with customer services- none of the webforms worked.

Is this normal?

Will I ever get up and running or should I cancel?



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