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Installation Issues

Joining in

We recently had a knock at the door from VM asking if we would be interested in changing over from current supplier Sky, which we agreed to and signed up on the 7th July, we then received our first installation date of 24th July and we where told by VM to cancel our Sky which we did, since then we have been given several different install dates of the 17th August, 28th August, 4th September and now today it has been moved to the 11th September, when we speak to preinstall team we get told they have to do some works outside and a permit needs to be applied for, however the works outside are a channel of about 2 ft to the house from the pot, I have since checked with local authority and no application has been made against my address, in the meantime we have been left with no broadband or TV for over a month and if this date stays the same it will be 45 days, has anyone any advise on this 


Alessandro Volta

The usual advice on here would have been to have kept your Sky connection running until VM was actually working for you as there have been dozens (probably hundreds by now) of topics like your about delayed installations.

You have already discovered the 'council permits' excuse is fake. Keep a record of that evidence for future use. Start putting together a timeline record of all VM's failures along with evidence such as texts, emails, messages, dates, times, names etc. etc.) This will help ensure you get the correct compensation when you inevitably have to take the case to arbitration.

Review the OFCOM compensation scheme minimum requirements document and, in particular, try to capture a record of your original installation date (refer to para 9 below). This would be the baseline for any compensation.

current rates are below

While you wait for VM you could try and find a mobile connection of some kind to keep you going (such as a data SIM on a rolling monthly contract, mobile hotspot etc.)

Forum Team
Forum Team

HI Danny, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that the service is delayed and will send you a PM so that this can be looked into further. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Alessandro Volta

This was a shabby trick by the salesman to sign you up and get some commission. He would have known that without an existing connection it would take weeks for you to be connected, but he wasn't going to tell you that.

Getting you to cancel Sky meant that you couldn't easily give up waiting and go back to them.

As said above, the waiting for Council permission is a common excuse. These permissions are only valid for a limited time, so the contractor won't even ask until they are actually ready to do the work.

Welcome to Virginmedia. 

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