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Installation Issues - Poor Support from Virgin

Joining in

First time customer with Virgin and initial impressions are not good.  Signed up for broadband to start on 10 Jun 23, initial external work was completed about 3 weeks before hand.  Technician arrived as booked on Sat 10 Jun to conduct installation and he was unable to complete the work as there was a problem with the external cable.  He booked us an appointment and said they would be here first thing Monday morning, around 9:00 (12 Jun).  I had to chase up customers services and they said they were running late and would be with me at around 4pm that afternoon - I suspect no appointment had been made and they were 'fitting me in'.  Technicians came as booked and replaced the external cable.  However, the broadband still didn't work (although got further through the set up) as there is a problem with the hub or the internal wiring.  2 jobs, 2 fails!

When I rang customer services, they said they could get a technician on morning of 15 Jun (Thurs) but no earlier.  this is just not acceptable as both myself and my wife work form home and need the internet to do our jobs.  My wife has had to travel into the office this week and I am struggling via a hotspot on my phone which drops out and makes simple jobs much longer than they should be.  We deliberately got a Saturday installation so there would be no disruption to our work

As a new customer, I fear that this could be a long 24 month contract if things don't improve drastically.  I don't normally do customer feedback but am eagerly awaiting the one this time so I can let Virgin know what I think of their poor performance.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @neilds70 

Thanks for posting, welcome to both the community and indeed Virgin Media.

I am sorry for any install delay, not the ideal start I agree.

Normally all installs take place on the day agreed. However, on occasion, extra works are required. We get them resolved asap to avoid any inconvenience. 

Please do let us know how the visit goes and we can assist further if needed.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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