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Installation Date Delayed

Tuning in

Hey all,

So i know this is a reoccurring theme on the forums atm and and i apologise in advance if this has been spoken about before but I'm looking for some advice/help, Basically Fibre has just been all installed and setup in my area so like most I'm pretty excited about the thought of fast internet speeds as my usual is very poor for this day and age, so i contacted VM on the 10th of November and got all my package sorted, i then got my installation date on the 12 of January, I then received a call last night on the 10th of January about construction problems so my installation has now been delayed until the 6th of April which is ridiculous, the area where I am struggling to understand is my neighbours either side of me have had their installation so this is where I get confused about said delay, from what i can tell all the work is complete and all that needs to be done is a fibre cable from the box on the telephone pole to my house.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated


Alessandro Volta

Sounds like a PIA install using Openreach infrastructure but VM's own wires but that's academic because basically there's nothing you can do to accelerate the process, nor to get any more accurate information out of VM.  No amount of complaining, asking, pleading has worked for customers in similar situations, nor contact with the CEO complaints team, with the area manager, and no point bleating on social media.  Even bribery won't work because you'll never find a person with the authority to change things.

The only thing I can suggest is to keep your current internet contract running until the VM connection is installed.  You should get compensation for the delays, but that's only after they install (or they cancel, or you cancel the order).

Thank you for the reply, any chance you can tell me what a PIA install is? so basically what your saying is VM are needing authority from openreach to install my fibre? 

Alessandro Volta

That's correct.  But they may already have the authority - VM's installation process is so FUBAR'd that delays can and do occur at any point, for no known reason, and then you wait on VM to sort things out.  Sometimes that's quick, sometimes it's glacial.

Alessandro Volta

But looking on the bright side, you'll be entitled the three months worth of compensation from VM while continuing to use your existing supplier.

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My name is not Alessandro. That is just a tag Virginmedia foisted on me.

Devastated is an understatement, been looking forward to fibre for months but like you said if theres nothing i can do then ill just have to wait longer, they certainly have the permissions & authority to use the pole as they have done my neighbour who uses the same telegraph pole.

knowing my luck a lately i wont get any compensation either, but again thank you for the information guys i appreciate it!