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Installation Damage

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From April 26th I logged a complaint regarding installation of Virgin Media. Drilling through my brickwork that had already had a sky suppliers entry drill hole in my property. Virgins technicians decided to miss that out and create another hole breaking the brick face and then attempt to fill it with clear silicone and press a plastic cover on it! I have sent pictures of the damage also the installation of the wiring!!! I’ve tried numerous times to get this resolved the customer services is totally useless! Has anyone experienced this from Virgin Media? Or have I been one of the very unlucky ones?


Alessandro Volta

Past topics on this kind of subject on here usually describe a very slow tortuous process with the customer going backwards and forwards with VM, often with no progress or no resolution.

You should consider what kind of a fix you are seeking. The person VM sends out to do any more repairs may have no more skill/ability than the person who splodged some silicone in the hole and stuck a plastic cover plate on top.

AFAIK the third-party arbitration process has not covered property damage in the past but you should check with

to find out if that is so.

You could also consider getting it fixed yourself and reclaiming the money from VM via a small claims process against VM. You should seek advice from Citizens Advice on the best way to proceed with that.