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Install date pain

Joining in

Hi guys, we moved house yesterday (18th August) and in anticipation of our move I booked my service installation for this Monday (21st) away back on 13th July.

Having moved house previously this year I was familiar with the ‘external’ work date and the final installation date.

On Thursday morning I noticed our external install date was set for 18th August but in the afternoon I got a call to say our service installation was being moved from 21st August to 12th September! Frustrating. I immediately called the pre install team who assured me that I could phone back yesterday after the external work to have my 21st install date rebooked. I knew this was too good to be true but I was promised it would be as simple as that. I even asked if there were other dates next week in case that one had been snapped up and was guaranteed there would be plenty. Finally I asked if they would call me back yesterday to rebook it after the external work to book the final install and again a promise was made and low and behold no callback.

I contacted the pre install team myself and they said the earliest date would be 1st September but they would put a request in for earlier with no guarantees. I said to book 1st Sept as it would be better than the 12th which they said they did but my account is still showing 12th September.

I know in life things are never simple, dates change, things happen, but what grinds my gears is being constantly misled and feeling like I’m being treated like an absolute mug. I’ve been with VM for 8+ years and always had a decent experience with the actual broadband, but when something isn’t going right unfortunately I’ve been in this dreadful loop of getting nowhere with support before.


  • install date moved from 21st August to 12th September despite external work being completed yesterday 18th.
  • Promised this would be moved back to 21st or some day next week. This turned out to be untrue.
  • Promised a call back from pre install team which didn’t happen.
  • Told the date would be moved from 12th Sept to 1st Sept which hasn’t been reflected on my account.
  • Really really frustrated.

Is there anyone from VM here that could help? I’d just like some guarantees. I work from home and having the date moved from 21st August to 12th September is a little too long to wait. Can this please be moved in any, the sooner the better. Thank you.


Alessandro Volta

Read through some of the many 'delayed installation' topics on this forum and you'll get an idea of how your situation is likely to play out.

You will get no information from VM that can truly be relied upon and upon which you can base any plans.

The usual suggestions on here are to get yourself a temporary backup solution (such as an unlimited data SIM on a rolling monthly contract) to keep you going while you wait for VM. Keep detailed notes and records as you go along of all VM's failed promises and failure to install to schedule.

This will help you when compensation is due to be paid for the delays

Joining in

I phoned again (I seem to like torturing myself) to see why 1st September still hasn’t been reflected on my account. I got through to a very helpful Scottish guy who said there was a note that I declined the 1st September install and elected to stick with 12th September. Can you believe it.

He said there is availability for 2nd September now so he booked that for me and it has been instantly reflected in my account.

Absolute shambles. The guy I spoke with this morning was a gentleman, but the last 4 or 5 people were nothing but liars. Such a broken system VM have.