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Hi Everyone

Virgin have just gone live in my street. I'm tempted to sign up but the router  and main tv position will be at the back of the house and the pavement is at the front. I know how I could conceal the cable and would like to install myself, do you think this is an option? I also want a mini box upstairs and I've got a route for this also. I don't want trunking or surface clipping. When it was Telewest I did the same years ago. The installer was happy. Cheers Dave


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Up to speed

Yes I did this. Ask for a pre install survey and ask the technician to give you the cable 

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Up to speed

Yes I did this. Ask for a pre install survey and ask the technician to give you the cable 

I wrote about my experience and a mini blog if you search for it and some tips.

I’m very happy I left sky.

  • I wish I could leave Sky TV but we've got 4 mini boxes one of which is in our summer house that's a home bar. It's on an Ethernet connection as it's a distance from the house. We are looking for Virgin to replace the broadband and also to give my son his own TV box. I'll have a search for your blog. 

It is possible to get 4 boxes but your signal has to be very strong. 
best way would be to get the RG11 cable that is supposed to run to the street t box and normally you have the RG6 connected to that. I required a cable pull but my engineer was brilliant as he thought outside the box and used my neighbours connection as the cable was there, so I had a temp connection while I waited for Kelly group for a repull. When Kelly did the repull I asked them for 30m extra cable so now I have a direct connection from my splitter to the exchange with no breaks.  I have 3 boxes as well and the landline. My voltage is high so I have an attenuator fitted but with a 4th box that will add an additional load so can get rid of it. 4 boxes are not widely touted but there are people out there that have 4 boxes. Also each box uses coax, so if you already have this prewired you are good to go. Otherwise you will need to wire all the boxes back to where you put the splitter. The splitter and router don’t have to be next to each other. My splitter is in the loft and the router is in first floor and that wire is prob 20M. If you can get a hub 5.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Just for info. All new customers receive a 360 main box. 

They can add on up to two additional mini boxes, so the maximum number of boxes is 3. 

What is Multiroom viewing for Virgin Media?

Virgin Media Multiroom is a service that allows you to have up to two additional TV 360 mini boxes, so you can watch shows all over the house.

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