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Incorrect cable? - Old Tivo box / New Self Install

Good afternoon, 

I have been with Virgin since before they were Virgin and have a very old TiVO box. There are two hurdles to jump here but I have been on hold for more than 4 hours over two days and have so far not managed to speak to anyone. Chat help is currently saying it can't help and says call... Frustrating to say the least. A friend of mine suggested posting here.

Summary of situation:

We have just moved house. Informed VM before hand, advised to take old equipment with us and  new self install cables would be sent to us. Cables received as promised. Isolator cable fitted to wall socket and 'connector cables' fitted to the other end. Cable fitted from connector block to Hub, broadband works perfectly. (As an aside, phone connected to Hub, works perfectly.)

Here's where it goes wrong...   The push fit connector on the 'connector cables' doesn't fit on the larger threaded connector on the TiVO box.

Where I want to get to:

As an immediate fix, I would like a method to connect my TiVO so I can use it.

In the very near future, I want to upgrade my services/bundle. V6 box and faster broadband connection etc. I would have done this yesterday / today, if I could talk with somebody.

Thanks in advance.



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