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Illegally installed media box on my property

Joining in

I returned from work today to find that virgin decided to drill my next door neighbours media box  into my property. How virgin made this mistake is beyond me, as my property is painted black and my neighbours is white! Phoned to complain and find out why this happened, was on hold for almost an hour only to be cut off. Called again got through 45 minutes later only for the customer service agent to be rude, arrogant and cocky and refuse to help me as he needed to speak to the account holder. I explained nobody is in the property and they have been having building works done to it and the property is a rental property. He then proceeded to ask me if I know the neighbours name and when I said no he actually mocked and said " how can you not know your neighbours name?" He refused to help again without speaking to account holder. As soon as I said if he doesn't sort it I will remove the box myself he then was willing to show that he could help. I gave him the address details he found the account holders details and said he will need to speak to them first before they remove the box. Why should this process be so complicated when the box has been illegally drilled into my property. Not happy with virgin media and thank god I'm not one of their customers. This had better be sorted.


Alessandro Volta

This issue of installations at the wrong address is, surprisingly, mentioned on here with some regularity

Is it simply the box attached to your property or has the cable been run across your property as well?

Posting some photos of the issue on here may help the VM forum team respond but someone will need to move your topic to another forum as the VM forum team don't reply here in 'Community Natter' that regularly/reliably.

You may get some help on here or VM may drag its feet (quite likely the latter).

As your neighbour is the customer, they would be best placed to speak to VM directly. Presumably it will also be in their interest to do so in order to get VM service installation completed.

If you get no response via either route, you may need to consider a DIY remedy but at least you'll have given the interested parties a chance to act.

Alessandro Volta

you have tried and come up against the abortion that is VM customer service - waste no more time as they will simply continue with the stupidity and run you round in circles - a screwdriver and cable cutters is the next step - problem solved


Sacked VIP

Alessandro Volta

If your are very patient and forgiving, VM may eventually remove it. Otherwise, DIY is the answer. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

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And invoice for your work billed to VM

@spell wrote:

And invoice for your work billed to VM

Nice idea, doubt it will go anywhere😃

But to the OP, tell me if you came home one day to find that someone had dumped, say, an old bathtub in your garden, even if you had a really good idea of who had done it, would you patiently wait for them to reluctantly come back and remove it, or would you dispose of it yourself, with extreme prejudice, and kick off about it afterwards?

Now, however, it’s always best to act ‘reasonably’ (the Law likes that if it should come to it), you have informed VM of their mistake, given them an opportunity to rectify it, and two weeks is a generally recognised ‘reasonable time’ for them to react. So give it 14 days from today and then wield the cable cutters and screwdriver.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey MC19,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I'm sorry to hear that the team have installed the Virgin Media equipment on your property, did the agent that you spoke to let you know if a complaint had been raised for you?

Have you heard anything back from the team or had any progress since you last posted on Monday?
Kind Regards,