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Illegal Installation

Joining in

Good Morning,

Virgin Media have installed\routed my neighbours cabling through my garden wall.  I live in a Semi Detached and already have Virgin Media for many years.  There is a T Junction outside property which all my cabling is already routed through.  Rather than installing new T Junction which is sited outside neighbours property they have routed it via one outside my property.  They have then drilled a hole in my front wall and then ran cabling diagonally into neighbours property. 

At no time was my permission sought or was I advised this would happen.  I reported issue to Virgin Media and they dispatched engineer to remedy issue on 25\02\2023.  He advised me that he could not remediate issue at this time. He explained a new T Junction should have been installed outside neighbours property.  This would have required prior permission from local council.

Engineer advised me he would escalate issue internally and contact me on 27\02\2023.  I did not receive a follow up call or text to advise me this had happened.  I have  now raised a complaint and also posting here just to provide some visibility of issue.  I would also like to point out that it is very hard to report these problems via phone.  Automated phone system is based on problems with own services as opposed to situations like this. I have had to explain multiple times it was not a problem with my service etc... 

Can some advise please.








Alessandro Volta

usual response to this is procrastination - they may use wayleave as a reason - whilst you obviously have not given that they seem to drive a coach and horses through it arguing that as you have VM they have permission to access your property and do what they want - there was one like this the other day that they tried to argue or suggest there could be council permission for going across a private garden - just 2 examples of the 'logic' they maybe use to try and get out of the problem - so you get the idea of where this may go

the best staff here will do is refer it to the area field manager who will take one of 2 options

1 - send a tech out to sort it but you have had that and got nowhere

2 - ignore it

the latter is the favoured method from the AFM

you can raise a complaint - in fact you should - not that it will do anything - it will be lost or fobbed off but its on record

you have choices

1 - wait here for staff to apologise - pass it t the AFM and retire as they can do nothing else

2 - accept it and move on

3 - depending on your relationship with your neighbor - take a wire cutter to the cable and remove it from your land 

if you choose option one expect nothing to happen and you wont be dissapointed


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @apjd_1968 thanks for your post here although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised regarding the wrongful install.

I can see that since you've raised your post here, you have received further assistance via other avenues.

If you do still need further help following this though, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks


The pavement Tee is often situated on the boundary between properties and is used for both. You can post some photos showing the Tee, the boundary and the cable routing.

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Sorry for delayed response but had an engineer turn up a couple of months back who informed me that the installation was not correct.  He said a new access point should have been created outside neighbours property.  Apparently, they have to contact local council and get permission to dig the new trench.  So he sprayed green paint presumably where access point should be and away he went.  I have heard nothing since so I am going to assume he was just kicking the proverbial can down the road.  The situation is I have essentially lost any confidence any Virgin Media to correct this.  I was trying to do decent thing by not cutting neighbours cable before Virgin Media rectify.  So I am considering switching to BT.  At which point the cables run through my wall will no longer be required.  So I guess I can cut all cabling.  Have attached picture for reference.BoundaryBoundary

Thank you for the update @apjd_1968 

Sorry to hear you have not heard back from the team since the last appointment. To best look into this, I have sent a private message. Please keep an eye out for an envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. Let me know if you have any issues locating this. 


Forum Team

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