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I'm trying to get Registered for broadband fibre

Hi. Thanks for the invite to the community! May I ask respectfully this question? I live in Portsmouth [REMOVED]. Newly installed In my flat, I have the buildings fibre optic installation as do all the other residents (140 flats). In the street outside [REMOVED] the men are completing the pipes for the fibre cabinet for Virgin (they told me so). I try to Register my Interest on Virgin's webpage. It will not accept it, simply says Sorry please try again later. For weeks! What can we do to attract Virgin's attention?

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Re: I'm trying to get Registered for broadband fibre

Hello RonMorgans


Thanks for taking the time to post on the forum in regards to the problems experienced registering your interest for our services. We understand the confusion caused and appreciate you raising this here. Welcome to the forums.


If you can call our Sales Team on 0800 183 1234 they will be able to register your interest, they will also be able to give you an update on the work and possibly a date service will be available.