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Hub5 won't connect to app

Joining in


We got Virgin yesterday and I've had a few issues setting it up. 

The app can't find my Hub5 even though it's up and opertional. 

I used a browser to set things up, the browser stuck on applying settings when I was changing SSID then said it had failed (did the same when I split the SSIDs to 2.4 and 5ghz for equipment that doesn't work on 5ghz). I had to restart the hub as it still thought I was logged in. I'm not sure if it's normal to find applying settings takes ages, then get a message saying things failed, then find that the settings did apply.

I'm finding that signal is poor upstairs and in my loft where I have a cinema room. I've installed a 2.4ghz extender that I had kicking about (power over Ethernet). Speeds upstairs are significantly slower (again I'm not sure if this is normal). 




I found I could only connect the App to the HUB5 if the device with the App (in my case an iPhone) was on the 5.0ghz network.  Bit of a long shot but it may work for you.

Good luck.

Kind Regards,


I do not work for VM. Services: 2 x HD TV (+ Sky Sports, BT sport), x2 Tivo boxes (WiFi) Hub5 1gb, Talk Weekend Phone on IP, o2 Mobile SIM on iPhone, unlimited data, texts & minutes.

Yes that thought occurred to me too, I was connected to the 5ghz network. Thanks anyway

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Mandypen, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced with the Connect App and the new Hub 5.

Can you please confirm if you've been able to perform a pin hole reset on the application and then attempted to locate the hub on the application since your post?

Kindest regards,



Ive got it working in the app after a reset. However I've now made a separate post as I don't have signal upstairs in my house (before or after resetting the router). 

Thabks for your reply

Hi Mandypen,

Thanks for popping back with an update - I'm glad to hear you've been able to get things working in the app. Have you attempted to run a Home Scan now that you've got things working? This will allow you to identify any signal issues in your property, and order one of our Wi-Fi Pods, if it detects any issues.

You'll need to start in the room containing your Hub and then move around each room performing the test.


Reece - Forum Team

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