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Hub is dead, much like Virgin Customer service

Hub died Thursday, called VM to be promised a callback within 4hrs from an engineer, which never happened.

Called again Friday, told a replacement hub was ordered, expect delivery Tuesday. It didn't arrive.

Called again Tuesday (today) as I'd had no email or text about the new equipment, and the day was wearing on with no delivery, only to be told that no hub had ever been ordered on the previous call on Friday.

So a hub was ordered, and I was told I would get an email and a text confirming the delivery details including a tracking number.

I wait a few hours, nothing has come through so again I call and the person on the phone tells me he can't see a hub order, nor can he order me one due to 'system issues'. He then hangs up on me. Thanks.

Decided that it was going to be easier (and cheaper!) to cancel the service and come back as a new customer, so spoke to the disconnections team where I was told oh actually there is a hub ordered - he gave me a reference number. "Finally!", I thought.

But the reference number doesn't work on Yodel's website...

On every call there have been HUGE wait times, regardless of what time I call. Every person I speak to puts me on hold for 10+ minutes - what are they doing? Why am I on hold for so long without checking back and updating me on what is going on? I'm just sat in total silence with no clue whether the person of dubious competence on the other end of the line is ever coming back.

All I want is a working hub, how hard can it be? You could mail one second class and it would have been here by now - and given that I like many others right now work from home and heavily rely on the internet I would have bloody well paid for next day delivery!

So if anyone from Virgin is reading this and can help, please send me a hub asap - and I mean it I would pay for expedited delivery. I'll travel to collect. I just want normal, overpriced service to resume.

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Re: Hub is dead, much like Virgin Customer service

You are far better going down the "no connection" route, as they'll then run some tests, confirm they can't communicate with your hub and then organise an engineer who will confirm you hub is faulty and replace/order a replacement (depending on what he has on the van)

Asking customer services for replacement items is like trying to pull teeth out with a pair of tweezers.


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Re: Hub is dead, much like Virgin Customer service

Plastic tweezers! 😉

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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Re: Hub is dead, much like Virgin Customer service

Hello mykkenny

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about the dead Hub

Have you been able to get this sorted yet?

If not, I have sent you a private message to gain account access

Please ignore it if you dont require any assistance


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