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Hub 5 missing power cable

Joining in

hi i received hub 5 yesterday but as i started to connect it realised there was no power cable/supply in the box. The box was virgin media business and as if was replacement hub being sent when it should be new one with cable.

the old hub i have the power cable connector is too large. Around a 40 minute call last night to ask for power cable and don't have much confidence that one is being sent. person taking call didn't seem to grasp what issue is and had no messages to confirm it's being arranged. can any moderator or virgin rep have a look and see if my account is showing this as being arranged and advise how long it will take or if there is another way to get the cable?



Alessandro Volta

Your assumption is quite correct. The person you spoke to wouldn't have understood, because a missing power lead wasn't on their computer generated script, and they had no option to order one.

Hopefully a staff member might pick this up here, and attempt to get one ordered for you. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @ianst1111,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that there seems to be a missing power connection for your router. Have you been able to raise this with the team since your post or do you still need assistance?

If it's the latter, would you mind providing a photo of your current set up and the cabling you have? That way we can see if you have everything else that's needed.


Zach - Forum Team
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I tried again via WhatsApp text chat but not had any confirmation cable being sent. I currently have a hub 3 connected but the power supply doesn’t fit hub 5. Not sure what use a picture will do? I have some items connected to the hub 3 via Ethernet, the cable from wall to the hub to connect to network and the power supply. I just need the power cable for the new hub 5 box please. No other cables  are required. Thanks

@ZACH_R here is pic too if it helps with the old hub on left connected and the new hub without power supply and cable. can you please confirm power supply/cable for hub 5 box is being arranged? let me know what details you need to arrange this. 



Hi zach_r just had email saying I have whistl order from virgin shipped so assume someone has arranged the cable. Can’t see any details of what order is but assuming it is the cable as not expecting anything else. Assume WhatsApp chat worked

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @ianst1111


Thanks for your response


Let us know once you're up and running with the cable, thanks for your patience and my apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Forum Team

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hi travis still don't have the cable. now have 2 shipping refs with WHISTL. one was arranged on 8th sep and arrived at depot on 12th and not arrived with me yet. Whistl advise it gets handed to royal mail for delivery and then can't be tracked. 6 days now and they haven't managed to deliver a cable. now have another ref arranged on 11th sep that arrived at depot today and been advised its also handed over to royal mail and on its way to me so can't be tracked further. to add insult to injury virgin media equipment returns have emailed saying i haven't activated new equipment and asking if i want a label to return it 😆


Thanks for letting us know @ianst1111. Sorry this cable still hasn't arrived 😔 

I'll pop you a PM to confirm your details so I can investigate this further for you.



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