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Hub 5 flashing green no internet or landline

Up to speed

Everything was working fine this morning now no internet or landline. TV works ok but signal was good before now been downgraded to fair. I've checked the connections restarted the hub o no avail flashing green light.  What could be the issue? Thanks


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check the service status via this link.

Also you can try ringing 0800 561 0061 which will give you any information local to you regarding outages. As the live TV is still working more than likely this will be an area issue.

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Up to speed

The online trouble shooter says everything is fine and they said it needs engineer visit. Faulty hub?

Ok I called the number and there is indeed a fault in the local area.

Hello mda99das


Sorry to hear of the area issue impacting your services, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


From checking, it appears the issue is now resolved, are your services back working again? Please let us know.



Hi Robert,


Yes all sorted. I got an auto update saying the engineer visit has been cancelled 

Thanks for the update @mda99das, do please feel free to report back to us if any other issues arise, or if this particular issue re-emerges.

Kindest regards,


I had an outage in my area, and I put a post about this. I then noticed there was way more latency when the systems were restored 10 hrs later. I left it a few days to check and there were loads of post RCS errors, and the voltages had increased. I then removed the 6db forward path attenuator and put in a 10db one and the voltages are just a fraction above zero and the post RCS errors are down to zero as well. The latency has improved too. Its pointless sending down a technician everytime this happens as he will just do what I have done. I have suggested a passive 4 way splitter but apparently the technicians don't have them. I have a direct RG11 connection from the cabinet to the splitter, which is why I was wondering if smoothing and amplification and then attenuating that signal gives higher pings? 

Hi mda99das,

Thank you for reaching back out and for the very useful information as this will help others having the same issues, apologies again for any inconvenience caused, if you do have any further issues, please do not hesitate to reach back out.