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Hub 5 - Turn off DCHP only for main network?

Joining in

I've just upgraded from the hub 3 to the hub 5.

I have a guest network. I have DHCP turned off so I can run my own DNS server. The DNS server can/does not interact with the guest network.

This worked fine on the hub 3, as DHCP remained on for the guest network. On the hub 5, DHCP is turned off for both networks.

Any idea on solutions? I know getting a third party router is an option, but £££ is expensive when otherwise the performance of the hub 5 is exceeding demand.


Alessandro Volta

VM think DHCP should be on not many have it off you can go back to hub 3 but VM at any point can be updated to cause the same problem.  

And who is to say some want DHCP off the way it is on the hub 5?