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Hub 4 delivery

why can’t Virgin offer me a tracking number for the delivery of my Hub?

Booked an upgrade (m350 to Gig1) a couple of weeks ago. Engineer came as booked on the 19th but clearly wasn’t competent to manage this service. He simply changed my Hub 3 for a new Hub 3!!!! He was not aware that You require a Hub 4 for the Gig1 service, why I don’t know. Ive now been without an internet service until a Hub 4 is delivered. Finally after wasting hours on hold I convinced Virgin to send me a Hub, still waiting (Mon 26th).

My wife is a teacher and I have 2 year 8 children at home holding video classes via a paired mobile phones ~ not ideal or reliable. Burning through data, down to the last dregs. Therefore tomorrow 30 kids won’t have their lessons due to this incompetent engineer!!!!

Thanks virgin for making lockdown so much fun.

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