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Hub 3 Security



 was wondering if anyone could help as so far Virgin Media just seem to tell me what I already know which isn’t helping. 


 Basically, some nobody’s managed to get the details of my broadband password and the router password too and take it upon themselves to go in and randomly change the password to access my router and my WiFi meaning sometimes I can’t use it at all.


i requested VM send me a new hub but they said there is nothing wrong with the one I have, when I do a reset they manage to sign back in faster than me and change my details again....


 anyone got any ideas on how to stop this or a work around? 

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Re: Hub 3 Security

1. Check your pc/laptop for viruses etc
2. Connect your pc/laptop to the router via cable and get ready to go to or Default login details are on router label
3. Do a factory reset ie hold the reset button in for at least 5 seconds
4. When router is back up, immediately go to router interface above. Log in
5. Change wifi password and router admin password to min 8 characters (uppercase, lowercase and number etc) Make the passwords are both different and note them down.

There are only a few ways this can happen to you eg
1. Your pc's has been compromised with a trojan/rat (virus/malware scan will cover this)
2. Router has been compromised (factory reset will cover this)
3. Somebody is near your house/apartment hacking your wireless (they need to be near eg within 50 metres) so look out for suspicious behavior.
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