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Re: How to move Hub 3.0 to different room (without engineer?)

On getting you router working without wifi - I know this is going to be a pain, but you either need to buy that long Ethernet cable or temporarily move you computer nearer the router. If you can make a physical connection with an Ethernet Cable then you should able to run some more diagnostics - unless the box is completely broken

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Re: How to move Hub 3.0 to different room (without engineer?)

Hi Saif1, 


Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your hub. 


I have taken a look and it seems your upstream power levels are a little high. I would like to get an engineer out to take a look at this for you. 


I will pop you a PM to get this arranged. 


Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope top right hand corner.


Don't worry our engineers are free of charge for a fault. 


Speak to you soon. 





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Re: How to move Hub 3.0 to different room (without engineer?)

Saif1 wrote:

Hello again folks,

Is it possible to move the Hub 3.0 to another room in your home without an engineer? If so, is the movement complex or easy if you have the correct apparatus etc.? 

I want to move it because a VM engineer stupidly placed my router next to a TV and in a room that isn't ideal because my PC is in the living room, therefore I cannot connect it via Ethernet.. and last time I checked Ethernet cables aren't very long. 

I am a teenager and I had my mum call up VirginMedia support to find out the costs for an Engineer to re-locate it for us and... IT COSTS 100 POUNDS?? I cannot be bothered to pay that much to move my router because a VM engineer misplaced it... 

Anyone here actually have fixed their router into their home without a VM engineer? Do you know how to move it? Are coaxial cables permanently placed? Do I have to get a new one fixed in??

Cat5 ethernet cables go up to 100 metres, so unless you have a very very very big house you should be able to find a cable, alternatively get a pair of powerline adapters, to physically move the router you are looking at needing an engineer visit which for non-faults would result in the standard callout fee of £99

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