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How to get refund on days with complete Broadband failure?

Hello all,

This whole story started in a different thread Link , but since the other thread scope was different I am posting this to get an answer on the main question. How do I get a refund on the days I didn't have internet connection?

On 30/12/2020 we experienced a complete loss of internet connection. I tried repeatedly on a daily basis to contact Virgin customer "support", but I was redirected immediately to an automated message that read something along the lines of "There is an issue at your post code and our engineers are working to fix it. The issue is complicated and we don't have an estimate". On a daily basis I would log on the virgin website and follow their instructions, with the end result being me without internet.

Sometime around the 6/01/2021 we finally got internet to the house. The connection was problematic though. It seemed the issue was still ongoing so I didn't ring them back. Today (11/01/2021) I received from Virgin that the issue was solved. That is when the connection got even worse. Not sure how this classifies as solved.

A moderator in my previous post mentioned that I won't get a refund because the issue had to do with SNR. So I decided to be safe and call them to make sure they are not going to weasel their way out of a refund.

It turns out their "automatic" refund was not going to happen. The operator kept telling me that she is unsure about a refund and generally I got the feeling she was trying to avoid the subject. I really doubt they don't have the information on how long my connection was non-existent.

I understand that there are issues now that a lot of people work from home, but the same way I keep my part of the obligations of my contract, they should keep theirs non-sufficient as they are. They don't even offer free data for the duration of the outage on people that have Virgin mobile, so that they can limit the interruption. And by the looks of it the promise of "automated" refund is as real as unicorns. You have to waste your day trying to reach their poorly staffed call centers.

My main question is how do I go about getting my refund? Has anyone had similar issues in the past? Is it common for Virgin to attempt to not pay refunds on this basis?


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Re: How to get refund on days with complete Broadband failure?

Virgin pay a refund in line with ofcom regulations. After the first 2 days of a complete loss of service you will be refunded for each full day of a complete loss of service. Check virgins website for the exact wording. 

If your Internet was intermittent rather than a complete outage then no compensation is due. This is the case for snr faults. 

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