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How to get out of the contract for intermittent service

Joining in

We have Virgin Media broadband and the service is shocking. When we report it they always say there’s a fault in our area. I think they do this so it’s not looking like an isolated incident on our line.

The thing is we were with them 3ish years ago and we had the same problems (I know, more fool me for going back). They also provided the same excuses, in the end we just waited out the contract and it was just never ending disconnections.

How can I get out of this contract the right way? I don’t want to pay them any fees because the service they’re providing isn’t up to scratch.


Alessandro Volta

The answer to your title question is 'probably not easily' (because VM will not make it easy).

What have you put in place to gather evidence of the problems (such as BQM monitoring)?

Are you keeping any records of logs from the hub and upstream/downstream power levels etc.?

Are you suffering problems with reduced speed or is it disconnections only?

How long do the disconnections last for?

Have you logged any formal complaints with VM about the poor service?

Has VM sent any technicians to investigate the problem?

Do you have any fault reference numbers for the alleged area fault?

Your likely route for complaining will be a formal complaint to VM first of all (a required first step) then escalation to arbitration but the total process is not a quick one.