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How to get fibre fitted

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Hi all 

has anyone had the issue that fibre cannot be fitted as it costs too much?

I have had numerous conversations and I have seen the partners on behalf of virgin media fitting fibre to my neighbours and after waiting 3 months from order they are saying it is too expensive can anyone help at all?


Alessandro Volta

VM won't install a connection if it would cost more that a certain amount to do it.  They need to be sure that it will be profitable.  In these cases they won't usually accept a contribution towards the cost, and they have no legal requirement to connect anyone so it's up to them.

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How far is it from the service hatch and what kind of terrain has to be crossed to bring a cable or a fibre to the property.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The normal budget allows for digging 10 metres of tarmac.

There are also many other factors
the type of ground to be crossed on the property. Tarmac or block paving increases the cost.
if there are any other services that need avoiding.
if the track would cross property other than your own or the local authority.

There may also be a local capacity problem where adding another customer to the cabinet would be detrimental to existing customers services.

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It is quite annoying that my neighbors either side both have it and they say I cannot have it as the traffic management costs are too high

I am not sure but the houses 3 up from me have had the product and neighbours either side have access to it and all I have got is it is too expensive but the road it is on is used by residents only so does not need traffic management which is the biggest costs

I have been told that the install is about £200 and the cost of traffic management makes it nearly £2100 all of my neighbors all have access and I don't and I also saw Comex 2000 fit 2 other houses 3 doors up without traffic management,