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How to get Virgin Media installed in my flat?

I live in a block of flats in Scotland that don't currently have access to Virgin - however there are some houses on the opposite side of the road from us that have access, so the cabling obviously exists and would just need extending to the flats. 

Would it be possible for someone to contact me who can look into having a Virgin connection extended to the flat blocks? We currently only have access to the standard BT fibre speeds which aren't ideal, and I can imagine there would be a large uptake across the flats.

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Re: How to get Virgin Media installed in my flat?

You'd have to find out whether the landlord would agree to the cables being installed into and within the building.  If there is already BT cabling they may not agree to another set of cables.

Also running cables from across the road means digging up the road to put in a duct and making good. That's an expensive job and VM would need to be sure of the extra business to pay for it.

And there may not be sufficient capacity in that local network to feed a large number of new users.

So it's worth trying if you're really keen, but it's not going to be a simple matter.


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