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How to end previous broadband provider's contract

BT was my previous broadband supplier and I have just moved to Virgin which will start in a couple of days. I contacted BT to stop my contract with them and they said that I should advise my new supplier, Virgin, to end it to ensure continuity of service. I cannot find anywhere on the help pages or how to speak with someone at Virgin to do this. I don't want to be paying twice for one service. Can you advise how I can get Virgin stop my previous supplier's service?

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Re: How to end previous broadband provider's contract

The VM go live date can only be believed on the day the service is live and working.

The BT advise may not be correct.    You may have to cancel the BT internet service - but do not rush to do that.

The BT Openreach ISP service would only transfer or cancel if you moved to another ISP that used the same lines as BT or if you transferred your telephone number to a different provider.

If as we did you just ordered a Virgin Media internet service it will be delivered in addition the BT ISP / Telephone service.
If this is the case retain the BT internet service until after the Virgin Media internet goes live and proves to be quite satisfactory.

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Re: How to end previous broadband provider's contract

Hi Jamiefmackay! 👋 welcome to the community! Thank you for posting and letting us know about your concerns regarding how to end you current services. 

There's a couple of things to mention here so we can get you the best possible support. 

1) If you are porting your landline number over, you need to have landline services active with both providers whilst the port is being completed. If this is the case for you, this may be why BT advised that you need to keep your services active. Once the number port is completed this should automatically close your landline services with them. 

2) We can't access any other providers systems or account information so we would not be able to provide information about your final bill with them, or any early disconnection fees if there are any applicable. You would need to speak to any alternative providers directly to get this information. We would only be able to provide support and advice about your Virgin Media account and services. We also would not be able to check for you if all services have been cancelled on their systems on this basis, so if you have services besides landline you may want to get back in touch with BT directly to check! 

3) Can we also check if this is something that was offered to you by us (VM) at the point of sale? There will be some changes coming in future regarding this process, however there have been no changes as of yet and our standard practice is that our customers cancel their services with us directly. 

Please let us know if there is anything else we can offer help and support with 🌞 

All the best. 



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