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How to check if there is VM connection

Hi there,

i have contacted VM on numerous occasions over the past week and have got different replies from 6 different people form the sales team. 

Ive moved into a new property and the address doesn’t come up on VM database. The person that rents the flat upstairs is registered with VM and the business downstairs also have VM. I was told that an engineer will be sent out to check if there is connection running through my flat and so far no one has called to say that the check should have been carried out or not. It’s rather frustrating as every time I ring I have to explain the situation over and over again and at the end their reply is the same “I’ll take your details down and someone will be in contact with you” it’s been more than a week and no one has been in touch to let me know if they can provide the services.

I have also submitted a complaint but I’m guessing this will also take time too.

Can someone shed a light on this please?

thank you 


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Re: How to check if there is VM connection

they most likely meant a spotter would be sent out to look at the externals to see if there is a feed for that specific property. you wouldn't be notified when that happens or even likely to receive feedback on it.

all you know for now is that if your particular address is not listed then you have no possibility of connection.

not sure what complaint you would be raising though, as virgin has no legal requirement to provide service to any property.
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