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How to check connection to hub?

Tuning in

I'm told I have no hub connection. I have phone/Internet on desktop but can't access Netflix and streaming etc. Held on phone for hour then cut off. Can't book a technician as I can't find where to do it, the self help checking tool doesn't work! Out of action for some reason. No issues at my area apparently  area 14. 


Tuning in

Further to the above - i have found that the problem seems to lie in my mesh Deco TP link system as it was showing the box near to TV box off line. The help and support lady who was helpful, changed the setting on my HUB3 as the indicator colour light at the bottom has changed - its now a yellow/cream colour, but for the previous 2 ys, its been red. Im unsure which is correct as the cream light suggest the Modem Mode I think - is this the one required for the mesh set up? Or should it be in Router Mode (i would have thought not as the main Mesh box becomes this I think) Also, my named network cant be found on my devices, but things are connected to a VM network instead! Im not on top of this game so am confused - any help of how to iron this out will be great thanks.


Hi @Parp 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. The light at the bottom of the Hub 3 is a power light and also a warning light. The yellow/cream light is just power, it is mean to be white but the LED in there can run out of colour over time and turn yellow. If it is running a red light then as a safety measure we will replace the Hub, especially when it runs hot or noisy and with a burning smell, even without as a safety measure we will replace the Hub. 

When it comes to mesh networking, depending on the type you have you can use either in Modem mode or Router mode. Modem mode you use the name and password written on the Deco to link your devices to, Router mode is an extension of the VM name and password, please ensure that all updates on our equipment and and with the Deco also, it depends on your preference.