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How long do cable pulls take?


Hi, I had a surprise cable pull today (which was meant to take place on the 1st Nov, then 11th Nov, then 14th Nov, then 21 Nov but took place today somehow). They pulled the wires and started putting a new one in around 11:30 ish today and I still have no Wi-Fi. I was told it COULD take up to 2 hours but it's been well over that now.

I was wondering how long does it actually take? They're not here now, so I am scared that the cable pull has actually ''broke'' my Wi-Fi. Is there a period where I don't get Wi-Fi because I need to be switched on at the cabinet? Anyone have any ideas why my Wi-Fi may not be on still?

The Hub 5 is flashing if I've pushed the WPS button on the back but I have not, it was flashing red before this.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

HI TeddyTRK, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that a cable pull needs to be done, this can take between 2-6 weeks depending on the works what need to be done. The appointment on the day should be around 4-6 hours. How is the service at the moment?

Please let us know if you are still having issues with the service and we will aim to assist


Lol. I wish it only took 6 weeks.

Then I would have had internet months ago, instead of getting an email today saying that they might do it in December now.

Please stop filling people with false hope. You know fine well that 2-6 weeks is nothing but make believe.