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How do you make a director level complaint?

Joining in

As the title suggests… after investing many hours of trying to progress a basic problem I have lost total faith in the ability of Virgin Media agents to achieve even basic tasks. Not their fault, the standard processes of this organisation are completely shambolic and not fit for purpose.

I have tried to escalate complaints via telephone: one agent refused, a second agreed. Though the manager refused to call me back and sent an agent to contact me instead. This was going well until they disappeared off the face of the planet. I raised a complaint via the website, but I’ve received no response other than the auto acknowledgment.

Do directors of this organisation care about the absolute embarrassment that is happening on their watch? Do we have a contact route so I can share my experience and timeline of events? Do processes exist (ha!) that mean agents can act with elevated authority on behalf of said director to actually make sure things get done? Because I honestly have no idea what to do with unquestionably the most incompetent organisation I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with. Honestly, all I want is for one person to take ownership of this utter mess. Is that too much to ask for?

(Fun fact: my two worst ever service experiences are both with Virgin Media! The first being in 2015. I thought they’d have improved in the last 8 years… more fool me!)


Hi @Ilyas_Y

In a surprising upturn in fortune, the pre-pull guys have been out today and done their bit. It's just on the Virgin engineer now. Is there a way to potentially expedite installation? For instance, go on a list that would take advantage of cancellations?


Hi @tracingsackful 

Great to hear that the team has been and been able to complete the external works needed. 

There isn't a list that would allow your installation to be quicker than scheduled unfortunately.  Are you aware of your installation date since your external works have been completed?

Here to help 🙂
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