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House Renovated, need to move router + tv box

Spoke with virgin media 3 months about moving the router and tv connections in my home due to a recent renovation. Still awaiting a call out. Find it hard to understand why these have been put on hold, however engineers will still turn up to "New customers" (Once again getting all the benefits). Willing to pay for the call out. Asked to reduce my bill down as we cannot use the television service, but was told this isn't an option. So now just stuck without the tv, and no date to get anything sorted.

Becoming quite annoying now.


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Re: House Renovated, need to move router + tv box

Hi Matty,

You should be able to reduce your package, however depending what package you have this can sometimes work out more expensive if you are on a discounted package. You can either speak to regrades or retentions (thinking of leaving us)

When reducing packages it takes 30 days for the new one to come into effect.

VM engineers are still only performing new installs and faults work. Even with new installs they aren't installing additional set top boxes for TV's.

Hopefully as the roadmap out of covid restrictions continues to ease then VM will perform work such as you require, and also install additonal boxes for the new customers.

Details of VM's current Covid update are available <<< Here >>>  and that page will be updated to reflect when engineering work is back to normal



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