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Horrendous Customer Service

Damage to my property in June 2020 to which Virgin media admitted full responsibility. Horrendous service in regard to this. Only in Nov was it agreed with team manager Emma Vernon that I would receive a cheque amount of £750 within 10 working days. This did not arrive. Emma did not respond to my emails. I called again in Dec and was assured that I would receive the cheque by 14.01.21. The lady I spoke to also arranged a call back for this date to ensure I had received the money. I received no cheque and no money. I called again on 14.01.21 and was told the cheque had never been processed and again I was assured by 'Rashmi' that my cheque had been processed and I would be contacted by Emma Vernon within 24 hours. No contact from Emma no cheque. I called again on 30.01.21 and told AGAIN that the cheque had not been processed but was assured it would arrive within 10 working days . I got cut off from this call when speaking to a manager and was not called back. I was assured by this manager that he would email Emma Vernon and request she contact me - again NO contact. I called back - spending another 2 hours on the phone waiting and was told I would receive a call back from a manager on 1.2.21 - NO CALL NO CHEQUE. Once again, after spending 2 hours on the phone today: same issue - cheque request has been raised and authorised but NO CHEQUE.  This service has been horrendous and extremely stressful!  I am out of pocket as I repaired damage using a credit card which i am now been charged interest for.  I have never in my life experienced such shocking service.  I WOULD WELCOME OF MY TELEPHONE CALLS BEING LISTENED TO AND REVIEWED.  

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