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Home move, installation delay

Tuning in

Nothing new here. I'm another customer drawing the short stick.

First confirmed installation was 24th February, then delayed to 21st March, then 6th April.

Yesterday I received another email the new installation date is 27th April.

Since I'm moving home, somehow the contract isn't the same and I can't track the order through VM account or app, it still tied to the old account number. I tried to ask customer service again about what is really happening but the customer service guy last message was "Let me check in your account for now regarding to this." and never came back to me. I had nice experience with customer service before but my patient is running out.

How will the compensation be calculated? Is it 3 missed appointment and 62 calendar days?

Will there be cancellation fees if I get tired of waiting and decide to not wait for it? 

The contract is weird as well I haven't changed the package but it's like a new one, contrary to what Homemove page says same package same contract.


Alessandro Volta

A search of the forum will pick up lots of "delayed installation" threads.  Pick out one or two of the longer ones and you'll understand both your compensation entitlement, how VM have a track record of ignoring the regulator's rules, and how you might respond, likely in contributions from myself, -tony-, jem101, or goslow (and apologies to anybody who's been on the customer's side in those threads and I've not mentioned).

Taking your question about can you leave without penalty, yes (and you'd still be entitled to compensation obligations accrued to the date of the contract ending), but you will have to get formal with VM.  Your rights here are that you're paying for a service, and under one of the very few brilliant pieces of legislation on the statute books, the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you're covered.  Under section 52, you're entitled to have the service performed in a reasonable time.  Failure to do so would make VM's behaviour a breach of contract (irrespective of what VM's T&Cs may assert), and under section 54 clause 7 f, you can assert that VM's failure to deliver within a reasonable time means that they have brought the contract to an end.

This is a bit of a nuclear option, but if you want to use it, then you should raise a formal complaint with VM, stating that they have failed to perform the service (of moving and installation) within a reasonable time, that you are now "making time of the essence" (you should use that phrase), and that the company having had ample opportunity to deliver and repeatedly failed now have ten working days in which to complete the installation.  State that if the connection is not completed by the tenth working day then you assert your right to treat the contract as ended by VM, and that you will be leaving without further payment or notice as effective of that date.  Bear in mind no intelligent, suitably trained or qualified human will read and respond to your complaint, and therefore the chances of anything being done are minimal.  You should still leave in place the direct debit, VM are unlikely to handle any of this properly, but your complaint will then enable you to take the matter to Ombudsman Services.  if it gets that far you'll be seeking the termination of your contract without penalty or notice from day ten, a refund of any payments VM take when they fail to handle your complaint properly, the loss of connection compensation (as you're in contract it's the higher rate for loss of connection, not the delayed installation rate), the missed appointment compensation, and a further remedy of say £70 for failure to handle the matter through formal complaint, exacerbated by the repeated nature of the rescheduling.

Maybe that's all too scary, slow or difficult for you to want to do, but it is the answer to the question  "Will there be cancellation fees if I get tired of waiting and decide to not wait for it?"

Thanks for the instruction. Combining information I gathered here it seems the best option is to wait for the installation (if it ever comes) and claim the compensation, regardless I decide to get another provider or not.

Apologies for the delays in your installation sesame218, these maybe for a number of reasons including permissions or work required by a third party. As you can appreciate, we are limited in how we can progress with these but are in contact with third parties to get updates regularly to ensure the work and installation is completed as quickly as possible.


Our Auto Compensation Policy for complete loss of service over 48 hours can be found here as agreed with our regulators.