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Home made cables to VM standards

Is it possible for a home user to make cables such as those which VM installation engineers use (the ones with the screw-on connectors) that go from the wall connector to, for example, the home hub. Is it possible to make them to the standard VM requires ?

What are the specifications of the cable and tools and connectors to do that?

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Re: Home made cables to VM standards

There are no legitimate ways to purchase VM spec cables and the connectors that go with them. But even if you could source them let me make this clear to you and any others reading this with the same idea.

If you interfere, amend or alter any part of the VM network and that includes the VM coax cable you are in breach of your contract. VM will when they detect this (and they will detect it) charge you for putting the situation right, charge you in full for any compensation they may have to pay to others on your network segment if the result of your amateur handiwork is to introduce noise to the network (inevitable really). Finally if the breach of contract is so egregious they will disconnect your services and refuse to supply you or your household ever again.

It's just not worth the risk.

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