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Home Move New Account Number

Why do Virgin make it so complicated when you move house?

I have been with Virgin for over 5 years and have had no issues signing in to check my bill etc.

I recently requested a home move and now my original account is saying that I am no longer a Virgin customer. I received an email with a new Account number, so I tried to register with that one, but had no luck, it's saying my email address can not be confirmed.

I need to change the date of our house move, the text I received said to log in to my online account to manage this...which is pretty difficult when one account is saying i'm not a customer and the other one I can't register for.

It's a total shambles, what's wrong with just keeping the same account number and details and just updating the online account? It makes no sense.

Has anyone had this issue? Is there a quick fix/any fix?

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