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Help moderator? Need existing broadband to have overlap from VM install

Up to speed
My current broadband provider (Sky) have told me from the VM install date 9th December my line will be taken over.  When I signed up I provided my telephone number during sign-up process (I didn't know the line be taken over and I won't then have a overlap of service for peace of mind).  I want to continue having SKY broadband (which i paid for until 28th December).  So i wanted VirginMedia to cancel taking over the phone line and a new phone number to be given to me from virginMedia.  
I wanted to continue to have broadband line from SKY (just in case any issues with my virginmedia broadband, as i have critical situation with my elderly mother who has to 4 times a day provide real-time NHS data upload from her NHS monitoring device).  I rang up and customer service but I been given the run-around and I am not sure the line take over is cancelled so SKY can continue providing me broadband post install date.  
Can anyone help me to know if this is done as I got no email/text that this has been fulfilled.  Sky cannot do anything as it has to come from VirginMedia.  



Alessandro Volta

As far as broadband is concerned, you can have as much overlap as you want because Virgin will put in a separate line. Both services will run in parallel and you can switch the device over when you wish.

Since Virgin installations are often delayed it might be best to keep the Sky going for the moment and only cancel when Virgin is working. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

"As far as broadband is concerned, you can have as much overlap as you want because Virgin will put in a separate line. Both services will run in parallel and you can switch the device over when you wish."

It’s true you can have two landline telephone circuits, BUT if you wish to keep your existing phone number it’s not possible. When our vm phone number is activated with a number transfer then your old providers number will not work any longer. If you don’t want to transfer your existing number then it’s ok.

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I am not bothered about phone number at all.  So I didn't want the line taken over.

I am not sure HOW or WHY, but my install is in like very quick.  Is this area specific??? As its on my VM account and I think confirmed??

Alessandro Volta

You may be fortunate and get the installation on that day. But you can't be certain until it is actually there. 

New customers are generally advised to have an overlap of services. 

Is there something which i am missing? Why is there a disconnection between what date i been given and what happens on the day?

I have a pre-install tomorrow i have no idea if thatss happening as its on my VM account and i was told by CS so i am confused why these don't happen with people? i hope its area thing.  But now i am thinking i need to ring someone at VM to confirm? 

Alessandro Volta

The pre-install is when a contractor comes to run a cable from the street to your house. This doesn't always happen on the day you have been told, but you may be lucky.  The final installation with the equipment inside can only happen after the pre-install is completed.


I managed to email my sales advisor who set up my contract and she mentioned she cancelled the "number port" she also gave me a new vm telephone number.  

I have not had any automated emails from SKY or VM other than the email from the vm sales advisor.  Should I ring up / email the sales advisor AGAIN to double check it's been done successfully, before contacting Sky? 

Maybe it appear in my vm account ? 

Alessandro Volta

Nothing should happen until the new broadband is connected. Since you are not concerned about having the landline, I would concentrate on maintaining the Sky broadband service until then.  Watch out for the pre-install happening tomorrow. 

Yes that's my priority for my mother right now.  With me getting a new VM landline number (from sales advisor can't find it in my account), does that mean VM have cancelled the line takeover/number port? 

As I work just trying to minimise being in long call queues.