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Have had 4 different engineers to install and still am.

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Contacted virgin media on the 20th of April to get their services for the first time and had the first installation scheduled for tomorrow the 5th of May. Since then I have had 4 different engineers coming for installation and nothing is done. I mean, I understand any issues that might exist however, what I don’t understand is FOUR different people coming in and not knowing what the issue is. Does virgin media communicate amongst themselves? Apparently it is required 2 engineers due to be on the first floor and the high makes it difficult for one person, I understand , so why does it when I book an installation only one engineer comes? Bare in mind I live close to 2 virgin media houses one in Lewisham and another at Manor Lane. It’s just exhausting. I don’t die without internet but, I also need to work , have been using my phone hotspot… I would like to raise a complaint.



If there are snags with a new VM installation the posts on this forum do suggest the timescales can be very difficult to predict. If you still have another ISP, don't cancel it until after the VM service is operating satisfactorily.

It is quite normal for multiple teams / firms to be involved especially if first external cables from the street to the property are required and then all new cables and connection points to be installed inside.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello tomas3, 

Thank you for getting back in touch with us here on the Community. 

We are very sorry to hear of the delay with your installation. 

On checking from our side, we can see you have previously raised this matter with my colleague and a complaint was logged. 

We would be happy to check on the status of the complaint and installation for you but I will just need to confirm a few details via private message. Please check the red bar at the top of the page for a message from us. 

Speak soon,