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Hard wire wifi pod to hub

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Evening hive mind

Just wondering if you can hardwire the pod back to the hub rather than wifi ?

My hub is in the living room and I have a ethernet cable going through into the hallway from a previous install. Wondering if the Virgin pod can connect via the ethernet cable ? Thought it might give that first pod a bit of extra oomph. Maybe the ethernet out from the pod is out only ?

Thanks for any feedback



You could put a WiFi Access Point on the end of the network cable.

The VM Pods link via wireless, their Ethernet port is for a devices that do not have in built WiFi, ( but not to connect the Hub ) 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I believe you can do it that way, some pods do have 2 Ethernet sockets. Give it a try, see what happens.

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