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Good news, our services are nearly in your area!

Joining in

Good afternoon....  I have been waiting on Virgin media coming to our street for a few years and now finally, the other week ...the status checker changed from "not in your area" to 'our services are nearly in your area". I've noticed workmen in the street on and off over the past  week. Can someone give me a rough estimate of how long it will be until I can access your services ? Happy to pop over postcode etc in a DM if needed . Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @CJ2468, and a very warm welcome to you!

If you're able to call our Sales Team on 0800 183 1234, they will be best placed to offer you the expected date of the services being available. 

Kindest regards,


If you have any other options then I would strongly advise against going with Virgin.

Don't believe any dates that they give you. They lie to you and string you along one failed appointment to the next.

It has been 3 months and 4 missed appointments for me so far and I still have no internet.

Looking though the threads this is very common.

Please look carefully at your options, as not having internet for a quarter of a year is not fun.

Thanks very much, I'll give that a try ! 

That's not the case for every single customer, forums tend to attract the complaints not the good stories.

Just because you have issues does not mean others will.

Not the case for every single customer, but there sure is a pattern.

Problems happen. How they deal them shows what the company is about.

Try phoning their customer services with a problem. They will either:

- Hang up on you. This happens a lot. I have always been polite and tried to explain my problem. The minute they find out that it might be a difficult call for them they just put down the phone.

- Offer you a callback. They always sound genuine, but I have only actually received a callback once out of the maybe 7 or 8 times I've been offered. They just seem to like lying to you .

Here in the forum they are always quick to try and take problems to private messages. Again, it sounds like they are trying to help but I am still waiting for contact regarding the complaint that they raised for me in August.

Hopefully one day they will get me connected, but after 3 months I'm losing hope.

Well this morning I tried to call the sales number to enquire as per my original post. After a few minutes the advisor said he'd need to check with another team and would I be ok to hold. Took my number in case we got cut off so he could call back. Cue being on a silent hold for 35 minutes at which point I hung up as I wasn't convinced I was still connected to the advisor , no speech, no music , no coming back to me to say we know you're still waiting etc... I didn't get a call back.  I was originally planning on taking a full package subscription of TV, phone and broadband but now questioning that whether that decision would be wise.

Yes, it's a minor issue and I'm not a customer yet but add this initial contact to things like the issues people have with the tv go app (currently slated in reviews on the app store and issues identified in these forums which seem unaddressed for months ) it's making me question whether going all in with virgin would be a wise move.