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Getting cable extended to my property

A few of my neighbours have recently had the cable in our street extended to reach their property, with engineering teams coming out on separate occasions to perform the necessary surgery to the pavement. The cable now extends very close to my property, but I'm really struggling to get anyone to engage with me on what's required to further extend it so that I might attain the nirvana of a 1Gbps connection.

I've used the "Tell us about where you live" form on the Virgin Media website to request someone to look into this several times (honestly, I've lost count) but that's where the trail goes cold, and I never get a response.

I've contacted sales, who gave me an email address for the construction team, who then referred me back to customer services.

A kind sole on the Virgin Media Twitter team took pity on me and escalated my request to a field manager with a promise to get back to me, but that trail has also gone cold.

In a fit of desperation I even emailed the CEO of Virgin Media, and was assured by their representative that someone would get in touch with me to follow-up, but that never materialised.

I think I've run out of options, unless one of the kindly moderators here can take this up and deliver to me the sublime joy of 1Gbps broadband.

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Re: Getting cable extended to my property



I am happy to take a look at this for you to see if there is anything we can do. I will send you a private message for the address to see if its possible.

Thank you


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