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Frustration getting to tech support

I've posted separately about the broadband upgrade issue I'm having, but I really have to have a rant about customer services.

Before I start I do understand that we are not in a normal situation and the pandemic is affecting everyone.  That said I work in an office environment and we have been able to work from home quite effectively.  Other customer services departments seem to be coping ok too.  However yes, with this increased level of demand on home broadband, I can imagine that demand for broadband tech support is sky high.

However... I am still unhappy about the service I am getting.

I paid for an upgrade on 12 Nov from M100 to M350 and today is 17 Dec and I still don't have the speeds I paid for.  The difference in upload speed between the two services is occasionally affecting my video calls for work.

I was told this would be activated in 24 hours.  That clearly hasn't happened.  It was very quick and easy to get through to someone on "Message Us" for them to sell me something that I have not yet received.

I try to access support via "Message us" and this takes far longer.  I have to sit by the laptop and wait.  Heaven forbid that I stray to far, miss a message and then I'm back at the end of the queue.

Getting through to first line support is possible, but it has not resolved my issue.  So then I am directed to Tech support.  First line support promise this, but they proceed to fire me a set of random questions offering to update my email address, update my phone number, and then because I was away from my screen, guess what, I fall back to the back of the queue again.  Then I get someone else and I yet again have to go through security questions, explain my situation, etc etc

Why don't I call in I hear you ask?  Well I call in and 3 mins of navigating the menus to broadband tech support leads to a message saying that my hub 3 needs to be reset (even though I had already done that) and that was it, thank you and hangs up.  No option to do anything else.

I raise a complaint.  Nothing happens.  I raise another complaint.  They close this one.  Well someone is actively ignoring me.

I decide to go back to "Message Us", but now they've hidden this option from the main pages and instead I track it down to some obscure part of the website.  I won't say where for fear that they will delete that bit too.  This latest wait is about 11 hours, another hour and I think they shut for the day... 

So now I'm at my wits end, ranting on the community forum just to make me feel a bit better.

And look, as I said I understand there is a pandemic.  I am not dying.  I have 100 mbps broadband which is mostly fine.  But I object to paying for something I'm not getting (I have been told I can only get a refund after tech support have looked at my issue); I object to terrible customer service and sneaky tricks to manage down demand.

Hope you've enjoyed reading at least!

<rant over>