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Flat 1 says no virgin available 2,3,4 are all hooked up. Please help me amend so I can order

Joining in


Hoping to get Virgin setup when I move in to my new flat. Flat 1 on the automated setup shows no virgin so it redirects me, 2,3,4 all have it available (converted house) and checking the local exchange it's all good to go.

Automated services keep redirecting me to sales who automatically see my address and then offer me some 4g thingy.

Looked like this was the best way!


Problem sorter

Hi @mileswross 

Thank you for reaching out to us here, to the community.

There could be a number of reasons why one property could receive service and not another. It’s very difficult to say without understanding it a little more so I would like to take a look at this for you and see what I can do to help. In order to do so I will need a little bit more detail so I will send you a private message.

Once we have a better understanding we may be able to escalate this to one of our team to resolve for you because we would love to have you as a customer.


Thank you


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Thank you very much! Just sent you a message with requested details.