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Flashing red light on router

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I have turned off the router multiple times and made sure that all the leads are secure and the red light still flashes when the router is turned on. Also tried to reset the router but the problem still persists! Any help would be appreciated. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Ror879 

You haven't said which you hub you have, so the reason for the red flashing light may vary.

The "Understand what the lights mean on the WiFi Hub" on <this page>  may help

On the hubs 4 and 5 a  red light means there’s an issue with the cable connections. Make sure all cables coming into and out of the Hub are pushed in firmly.

On the hub 4 and hub 5 a continuous flashing red light means that there is an issue with the telephone system. Make sure all cables coming into and out of the Hub are pushed in firmly.

On the hub 3 a solid red light means the hub is too hot. Place it out in the open with its vents uncovered, upright, and away from heat sources.

Have you used the /check-services/i  function? You can also a run a test on your equipment from there. If can sometimes diagnose and correct the fault or book a tech visit.

If nothing is showing  you could also try the automated Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more local issues down to postcode level.


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