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Field sales advisor - legitimate?

On our wavelength

Hi, I was visited by a field sales advisor today who provided me a "there's a new broadband on the block" card. He offered me a package deal- I already have virgin phone. But he asked for my name, email, one number, address, and bank sort number and account number. I'm now worried he wasn't legitimate and have given him lots of personal information. Is there any way to check this? 


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Why would you take an unsolicited sales call at your property.

You can't do much with bank details (only the 16 digit card number and csc code) but it can be used to steal your identity.

Someone here may confirm or deny a sales man called but they usually have a wee podium setup in town centres to lure you in.


Alessandro Volta

Never give so much data to a caller - either in person or by phone.

Did you give him the security number from the back of your card? If so call your bank immediately and stop further payments