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Fibre Installation Issues to House


Hopefully someone can assist.

We ordered 1GB Fibre before Xmas and we were given an installation date of 21st January. I received a Text advising of the additional external work that was required.

The engineers arrived to perform the external works and advised me that when they tried to run the cable, that the trunking was blocked and the cable could not be run, They advised that the construction team would need to come out. 

I heard nothing until the 20th January (The Day before the equipment install) where the Keir van arrived again. Looked at the front of the drive, and then 5 minutes later, drove away.

I phoned Various numbers and eventually got through to the "pre install team" who advised that our install would still be happening the next day and then they would tell me what was needed next. I then took a phone call from Virgin Media about an hour later (around 19:00) advising that my local council were not permitting the works to take place outside the house until the 3rd Feb and that our install would be rescheduled to the 9th Feb. 

I should also mention that we are living in my Grandfathers house. Unfortunately he passed away just before Xmas due to Covid. His internet provider was informed and cut the supply to the house on the 18th. As we were expecting to be live on the 21st, this was not a major issue. I did ask the person who phoned if they could suggest anything as we needed internet, and I was advised to buy a Mobile Broadband Dongle/Modem for us to work from. I let them know that. I was not too happy to have to spend out a load of money due to an issue that was not caused by us. I was told that, once we were connected, I could speak to customer services, send in my receipts and then be reimbursed. We will wait and see on this.

Yesterday (27th Jan) a flat back truck arrived outside the house, my Husband went and spoke to them and they advised they were there to dig up the problem area of pavement and pull the cable (YAY!) We thought we were getting somewhere. 

I then returned home from walking my dog and spoke to the workmen who advised me that there seemed to be a bigger problem that was likely caused by BT. They informed me that a trench would need to be dug to resolve this and they would flag this to their manager. I did ask about a time frame for this and was advised that they have known it as quickly as 2 weeks but sometimes up to 6 Months!!

This causes me a huge problem. I have a 7 year old and an 11 Year old Home Schooling and a Husband who is working from home. I have tried to phone the same number as previously and was informed yesterday that there was nothing on the system showing that this could not be completed. I phoned again today and was told that we still had our appointments scheduled for the 3rd and the 9th.

My husband has checked again this afternoon and instead of 2 orders showing (3rd for Cable Pull and 9th for Install) It is showing 1 order, with Broadband and Phone and a Date of NaN/NaN/NaN.

Can someone please have a look at this try to advise on what is happening. We need to get this installed as soon as we can as working on a 4G connection, at about 13Meg DL Speed being shared by 4 devices is almost impossible,


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Re: Fibre Installation Issues to House

If your order is showing nan then they don't have a date currently due to outside work being carried out. I'd expect a delay of upto 8 weeks as the council maybe needed for planning permission etc

In rare cases it can take longer so its just a wait and see game I'm afraid. 

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Re: Fibre Installation Issues to House

My advice if you need something quick then 4G or Broadband with another provider about getting service over Openreach.

Unfortunately depending on your local council there isn't much that can be done, councils have a say it what happens in there roads and Virgin can't go rushing and making promises on things that probably won't work out.

The added stress of this is the poor communication between Virgin's teams I understand that

13mbps for 2 adults working from home and two kids on google classroom should be capable, if you need more speed try another network.


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