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Fiber connection damaged, appointment missed, complaint closed before fixed.

Internet went down a week ago. VM engineers attended site today and reported the fiber would need to be re-run/replaced as it had been damaged, presumably during an install for a neighbour.

The engineers told me they had booked a contractor to do the work who would be coming to my home after they finished their current job with an eta of before 1PM.

After no one showed up, at 3 PM, I called VM and was blind forwarded between 4 different departments (having to explain the situation over and over with the usual security questions and other nonsense) and then was told no one had been allocated to the job and to wait 24 hours before calling back. I then raised a complaint with customer care, complaining about the outage, the fact no one has turned up even though I was told someone would be coming today, that I wasted a day waiting for them, and that no one had yet been allocated to the job.

After this, I was sent an email saying "Technical > Fault resolved technician required. We’ve now closed your complaint. Thanks again for bearing with us." Then had a call back saying I would get £20 compensation.

I've been lied to that someone was coming out today and VM has wasted my whole day waiting, and to add insult to injury my complaint was closed without the fault being fixed or my concerns being addressed.

1. I need the contactor to come out today to fix the issue.

2. I need the complaint re-opened and my above concerns addressed.

3. Looking at the automatic compensation I believe I am entitled to more than £20 due to the missed appointment and downtime.

I've only been with VM for a month and am very disappointed with the poor service so far.

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Re: Fiber connection damaged, appointment missed, complaint closed before fixed.

Welcome to virgin media. This is how it is mostly with customer services. They'll promise the earth but rarely do things get solved quickly - they do get solved eventually however.

Your other compensation will be automatically awarded when your service is restored and credited to your bill.