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Faulty hub? Dubious service.

Two days ago my broadband speed was highly variable - anything from almost normal to no throughout at all, upstream speed particularly slow. (I'm on the 350Mb/s service).

On the "Superhub 3" the power LED is red rather than green. According to the website, this means the box is too hot; but it's standing up straight, not covered, and is well ventilated; I even tried blowing air on it with a fan, but no change.

I did the online status check on the website. It said "Something is wrong". Rebooted the hub, checked all the connections, ran the test again, and got the same result, but it didn't offer me any options other than running the test a third time.

I rang up Virgin Media, spent a long  time on hold, finally got through to a guy who asked some basic questions and then said he would transfer me to someone more expert; everything went quiet for a couple of minutes, then I got cut off.

Rang Virgin again, spent even longer on hold, this time got through to a woman. Gave her details. She ran some tests and said everything looked fine from her end, would I like to book an engineer?

Booked engineer for yesterday morning. He was supposed to call me half an hour before arriving, but didn't. He then spent some time messing around outside, pushed some paperwork through the letterbox and left, without even knocking on the door. On the paper it says he removed an unused splitter, which I guess is good, but the hub still has a red power LED, speed is still below what it should be, and online status check still says "Something is wrong".

What's the next step?

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Re: Faulty hub? Dubious service.

I guess request another tec as the first didn't fix the fault

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Re: Faulty hub? Dubious service.



Send me a PM with your Account Number and Area Reference and I'll look into the Hub for you.

To send me a Private Message just simply click the link below:

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