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Failed installation

Tuning in

Cancelled my Sky services to move to Virgin but have had 2 failed installations due to external cabling required. Now booked again for 13th but still no cable so will no doubt be moved again. Can’t get an answer from anyone if it’s even been ordered. It’s a frustrating and extremely annoying start. I have no internet and work from home so relying on my phone data . I’ve spoken to numerous people , some say it’s ordered, others say it isn’t, others put the phone down. I’ve emailed, phoned, whatspped and tweeted and still have no answer. I honestly wish I hadn’t changed now 


"We can't afford any more"?  The clowns that deal with complaints are getting more inventive, and before long we'll be seeing "sorry, we can't pay any compensation as we had to pay for the CEO's granny's funeral, and we're a bit short at the moment" or similar.

If you're getting nowhere with VM, then read the guidance from Ombudsman Services.