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FTTH unstable since ducting forced into termination box

I'm hoping some experts on here can shed some light on this.

My fibre was installed 31/10 and initially wasn't working at all.  The pre-pull guy came back late on 02/11 to replace the fibre.  After breaking a couple of new fibres, he eventually got one through. He explained that they were breaking after getting stuck in the termination box outside my property.

He left us with a nice stable connection of 220 mbps, which I was delighted with. Unfortunately, the following morning, I noticed that to smooth out the fibre path, he'd pulled the ducting out of the termination box to give him a bigger curve radius (see first photo attached).  

Being dark when he left, he'd forgotten to tidy this up and I was worried that it was a trip hazard on the pavement, so I arranged for the pre-pull team to come back on 06/11.

The new guy simply twisted and coiled the exposed ducting to get it to fit into the termination box. It seemed to fit fairly neatly (see 2nd photo attached), so I assumed it would be okay.

The trouble is, since this last visit, my speed has been all over the place.  Mostly it hovers around 120-140 mbps, occasionally it gets up to 200 mbps, and occasionally it drops to 10-15 mbps.

Clearly this needs to be fixed, I wonder if the community have had similar experiences and what had to be done to fix them?  

I don't want to be fobbed-off next time they come, so I'm wondering:

  • is the fibre now likely damaged and needs to be replaced yet again?
  • could the conduit pathways into the termination box be out of line, hence all the breaks?
  • or is this more likely just a case of the pre-pull guys being too rough with the conduit?

Appreciate your thoughts.


1st fix - stable 220 mbps1st fix - stable 220 mbps2nd fix - unstable 120 mbps2nd fix - unstable 120 mbps

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