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Extremely low speeds, paying for 500mbps

i have had the white super hub 3 for a while now, we are meant to be paying for 500 mb/ps download speeds and not once have we reached even a 10th of that. highest recorded speed i have had was downloading on an xbox one reaching 43 mb/ps. On pc my speeds get even lower, just 5 minutes ago i ran a speed test on the wireless connected and came back with 7.5 mb/ps download, and it is also around the same speed when on wired connection.

i have checked everything virgin recommends and its always the same. when trying to contact customer service i'm always fed with some bs story to keep me paying.

Am i better off cancelling and switching provider at this point or is there actually anything i can do to reach the speeds i have been paying them for for over a year 

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Re: Extremely low speeds, paying for 500mbps

It can be difficult diagnosing problems without some basic information.

Have you checked the 'Check Service Status' at the top of the page ?

If nothing is showing try phoning 0800 561 0061, this will tell you of more local issues that may be affecting the area. Be aware that it isn't a manned line.

Go round all the accessible co-ax connections and ensure that they are finger tight.

If everything above is OK we need do some troubleshooting; to start with …


Can you set up a Broadband Quality Monitor (BQM) at - this will give you an insight into what is happening with the signal at the other side of the Hub, it will take a few hours to get any kind of trend showing although you should post the link straight away.

Post a link to your BQM on here.

Instructions for posting BQM Link

Under your BQM graph are two links in red.

Click the lower link (Share Live Graph) then click generate.

Copy the text in the Direct Link box, beware, there may be more text than you can see.

On here click the Link icon (2 links chain to the left of the camera icon)

In the URL box paste the link you copied and in the ‘text to display’ box write My BQM then click OK - you can post the link straight away.



Can you please

Type ( in Modem mode) into your browser URL bar and press enter. 

When the page appears DO NOT LOG IN but click ‘Check Router Status’.

Copy and paste the contents of the Downstream, Upstream and Network Log tabs onto here, if you get a yellow warning click the Post button again.

A Guru will be along soon to decipher the info.


Mike Robinson
Aircraft Engineer & Computer Based Training and Learning Designer for many of the world's Military Arms.

My Broadband Ping - 26_Aug_2020
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