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Extreme disappointment and anger at how new setup was handled

Tuning in

I cannot express in words how disappointed and angry I am that after waiting since July 15th for a new install with about 4 separate site visits by technicians who all said it could be easily done VM have cancelled my order only just now because it would be too expensive. Even though they have been telling me for the last two months that's its going to be installed any day now.

I find thus truly appalling behaviour and am very disappointed in VM.


Up to speed

If July 15th was the date you were given when everything would be up and running, and if VM have only told you today that the won’t be installing, then the thought of the (just under) £6 per day from 15th July until 19th October (they have to give you 30 days notice), compensation that you are now owed by VM might take the sting out of the disappointment. Somewhat north of £500 they are now obliged to pay you!


Alessandro Volta

Sadly, VM cancelling the job, after the customer has waited a long time, does get regular mentions on here.

Only (small) consolation is that you will be due compensation (as detailed on your previous topics). Refer to the details in the OFCOM minimum requirements doc

and current rates

As VM has cancelled the job, note para 36 to 39 ref a 'cease notice' and the continuation of compensation for a further 30 days. VM should pay you within 30 days of informing you of the cancellation (para 30) and should pay you directly (para 29) as you are not going to be a customer.

In all likelihood, none of this will happen 'automatically' so work out what you think you are due and start putting together evidence in a timeline for when you inevitably have to escalate to arbitration to get paid.