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External engineers (digging up outside the property) not turning up x 2

Hi there,

I was due an installation on the 8th of July.  The Virgin engineer turned up (lovely bloke) and said he couldn't do his job as the external work from the exchange has not been carried out. He pointed to the spray paint outside and said that this is where it was marked to be carried out.  Apologies and reschedule.

14th July (today) - external work should have been completed between 8 am and 6pm. I've been in all day and there has been no work carried out again externally.  6.30 pm today, I rescheduled for 15th July (tomorrow).

I rang the 0345 454 1111 number. Explained that no one has been to do the necessary work outside.  The customer service person said it has been rescheduled for tomorrow.  I said it was I who rescheduled on the virgin app as no one has turned up. There is no cap outside my house. The spray paint remains as it was.  

Customer service engineer said it might happen in the evening as the council could have specified to do it in the evening!!!. I live on a quiet residential road. No way this was happening.

I have been bounced around 3 x people who have not been any help. 

I don't know what to do next as like a lot of us, I am currently working from home and using my mobile hotspot from my work phone to give me some BB.  

Any ideas how to resolve this? 

Thank you in advance,


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: External engineers (digging up outside the property) not turning up x 2

Hi @Vaccman


Welcome to the community and thanks for your first post, we're happy to have you with us 🙂 


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience here Nick, this is not the level of service we aim to provide and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


I'm going to send you a PM to get more details so we can look into the matter for you and escalate accordingly. 


Please look out for a notification in the purple envelope in the top right hand corner of the screen. 



Forum Team

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